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How to Grow Your Audience - Webinars for Events and Presentations

By Michael Rogers

Broadcasting an event to a remote audience is a great way to expand the geographic reach of any seminar, presentation, or AGM. While the technologies used are quite similar to educational webinars, the implementation of each is different. What do you need to plan for when broadcasting your next keynote presentation online?

Venue Variability
Every venue that you visit will be different from the last. Compared to broadcasting from an in-house studio, you will not have access to all the technology to troubleshoot beforehand. With each new venue, you need to confirm in advance that you have access to all the requirements listed in our Top 10 Things to Consider for a Successful Webinar list. In addition, tech support can vary wildly between venues.

Opportunity for Interaction
Evaluate the size of your event in determining the levels of interaction that you will allow your online attendees. Whether it is polling, text chat or full participant webcam, each method will require different levels of support and technology.

Presentation Material
Don’t forget your online attendees! Make sure that all presentation material is easily accessible and downloadable from the online viewing platform. There is nothing worse than a speaker asking his/her audience to refer to handout package #2, when handout package #2 was never handed out.

PowerPoint Slides
Love them or hate them, PowerPoint slides are a staple in event presentations. How will you make sure that your audience can see what your presenter is pointing at? There are a number of mechanisms that can allow you to broadcast PPT slides including:

  • User controlled slide downloads
  • A second video feed focused on presenter overhead
  • Moderator/presenter controlled feed of PPT slides (best option)

Who you choose as your webinar service provider will define your ability to broadcast PPT slide decks. Make sure to spend ample time in the trial period to identify a service that works for you.

Post Production
Will this event and presentation material have residual value following the event date? Consider recording the sessions and post-producing them into re-usable video assets for your website or YouTube account. These can also be delivered via Pay-Per-View (PPV) as a means of generating additional revenues. If utilizing a third-party vendor, inquire about post-production capabilities – utilizing one vendor for all aspects will greatly reduce the cost of implementing these services.

If you’ve been offering the same old events year-in, year-out, why not try spicing them up and taking them to a larger audience? As you plan your next keynote presentation or icon speaker event, consider implementing webinar technology as a way of reaching your audience, wherever they may be.


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