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How Does Support Services Maintain CASL Compliance?

Support Services has developed an effective, automated system for tracking and updating association mailing lists in real time to ensure they are always compliant with Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation.

Associations are able to send electronic messages to members without requiring express consent - the members have a relationship with your association, which is sufficient evidence of 'implied consent'. You may also send electronic messages to anyone who has undertaken a transaction with your association within the past two years - for example, anybody who has attended one of your events or purchased something with you, such as a job posting. This is 'implied consent' - however, it will expire 2 years after the last purchase.

Support Services utilizes our association management software, Dashboard, to keep track of whose implied consent is expiring and notify them so that they can provide their consent to continue receiving messages. This means nobody will drop off your association mailing list without them knowing about it, and reduces the chance of your mailing list numbers falling.

Our fully integrated system means that your association mailing list is always up to date, and you have a full record of consent from your mailing list members. 


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